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A panel discussion on the IESO’s strategies to acquire and reacquire resources to meet Ontario’s electricity requirements over the short, medium, and longer terms. What are [...]
Both the federal and provincial governments have launched Hydrogen Strategies, including an important and growing role for “Green Hydrogen”. Hear from agency officials at this [...]
Legislative amendments made to the Federal Fisheries Act are moving from policy into practice across the province and the OWA continues to collaborate with Fisheries and [...]
The Ontario government is continuing its modernization of Environmental Assessment – the most fundamental change in the 50-year history of the legislation. As the proponent of [...]
Driven in part by socially conscious investors, the push for sustainable business practices has led to a dramatic increase in the adoption of environmental, social and [...]
Local, Regional, National and Global economic recoveries will be a key feature of 2021 and beyond and the theme of “Building Back Better” after the pandemic pause is part of [...]