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Ty Surowski, Regional Sales Manager at Rotobec provides a brief introduction and history of Rotobec and the products that they manufacture --in particular Rotobec’s electric [...]
OWA President Paul Norris and Ontario Power Generation's Director of Dam and Public Safety Tony Bennett present an informative and engaging webinar. Individual dam owners, [...]
Chris Goodell, Principal Consultant for Hydraulics and Hydrology at Kleinschmidt Associates, discusses probabilistic dam safety modeling using the software program McBreach, [...]
Civil engineering works, such as dams, powerhouses, water gallery systems, geotechnical structures adjacent to the reservoir (anchoring, rockslides, landslides), tunnels and [...]
Jorn Baayen, Senior Consultant & Lead Modeller, KISTERS AG and Steve Elgie, Regional Sales & Support Manager, KISTERS North America, led a webinar presentation [...]
Hatch has a long history of model development for hydro systems that was first started as a means to conduct engineering analysis in the 1970’s but later evolved into the [...]
ASI Group shares the latest innovative applications and technologies for underwater inspection, maintenance and repair projects including: Hydro Quebec’s Wirescan™ for [...]
Learn how to recognize and solve turbine control and regulation issues that can often be attributed to wicket gate bearing problems. Stuck gates, broken shear pins and [...]
Philippe Eck, Service Centre Manager of DB Santasalo, discusses the products & services that are offered by DB Santasalo, a gearbox manufacturing company. Learn about DB [...]
Madsen discusses the Woodward control solutions for hydro turbines, upgrade paths for legacy governors and hydro turbine control solutions and provides an overview of the IEEE [...]
Greg Auger, P. Eng, Commercial Director, Millstream Engineering and Alina Stepanians, P. Eng, Technical Director, Millstream Engineering discuss eliminating oil and grease [...]
Taking Stock of Your Penstock: The Underrated Importance of Maintaining a Key Facility Structure. This informative webinar explores the importance of a proactive, systematic [...]
A case study that summarizes the work that was done by Thordon Bearings in 2019 to upgrade the bearing and seal water filtration system at the Orillia Power Swift Rapids power [...]
A case study of the installation of modular and variable-width stoplogs, providing for a simplified approach, whereby storage, handling, and other costs are well managed and [...]
Learn more about the Canadian Dam Association's signage guidelines as well as other current leading practices in dam safety signage that provide dam owners with a [...]
A case study of how ABB is partnering with Enel Green Power to deliver innovative predictive maintenance solutions that will low maintenance costs and transform the [...]
During this presentation representatives from H2O Power LP highlight the redevelopment of the Kenora GS, the assessment of critical components, viable solutions, and economic [...]
The Sawer Dam case study provides an excellent case example of the development process for low head site and the key challenges - both economic and technical.   ← Library Home
The “Operation & Maintenance Strategies for Hydropower - Handbook for Practitioners and Decision Makers” recently prepared by the World Bank (WB), with support for the [...]
This session will be focused on how strain gauge and vibration measurements on a fixed-blade axial runner have been used to demonstrate the prediction capability of numerical [...]