Rosters of Subject Matter Experts

OWA has adopted a leadership role in waterpower science and education and on behalf of its members has published Rosters of Subject Matter Experts within OWA membership companies on specific industry skills.

Species At Risk Subject Matter Experts

Effective July 1, 2013, the Province of Ontario introduced amendments to Ontario Regulation 242/08 pursuant to the Endangered Species Act, 2007 (ESA). For hydroelectric generating stations, the new requirements are articulated in Section 23.12 of the Regulation. The Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA) has adopted a leadership role in supporting the achievement of the objectives of the ESA on behalf of its members, and published a series of Best Management Practices focused on the intersection of hydroelectric facilities and key species at risk. The OWA has also prepared a generic “template” outline of the potential contents of a mitigation plan, for customization to address site-specific circumstances (Mitigation Plan for Hydroelectric Facility Operation – Template PDF). Note: Word Document Template Available Upon Request A core feature of the new regulatory framework is the increased reliance on “subject matter experts” with respect, in particular, to the development of mitigation plans, per Section 23.12 (3): “A mitigation plan shall be prepared and updated by one or more persons with expertise in relation to every species that is the subject of the plan, using the best available information on steps that may help minimize or avoid adverse effects on the species, which includes consideration of information obtained from the Ministry, aboriginal traditional knowledge and community knowledge if it is reasonably available.” In order to support OWA members pursuing the development of mitigation plans, the OWA has created an internal “roster” of species-specific subject matter experts. Key Species/Groupings of Species Based on the OWA’s analysis and experience to date, the following species/families are currently expected to be of most relevance in the development of mitigation plans. Select which species is of interest to you to view the list of subject matter experts available for that species:

Environmental Subject Matter Experts