Planning / Procurement


Ontario launched its first Long-Term Energy Plan in 2010. It was reviewed and updated in 2013. The Ministry of Energy will develop the next Long-Term Energy Plan reflecting on the feedback received during the engagement process and information provided by two technical reports:

The Ministry of Energy will follow the planning process outlined in recent amendments to the Energy Act, 1998, which came into force on July 1, 2016.

The completed Long-Term Energy Plan will be published online and a decision notice will be posted on the Environmental Registry. All of the comments received through the Environmental Registry will be made available when the posting closes with the publication of the updated plan.

Finally, pending cabinet approval of the Long-Term Energy Plan and subsequent implementation directives, the Minister of Energy will:

  • Issue directives to the IESO and the Ontario Energy Board asking for implementation plans to meet the plan’s goals and objectives.
  • Review the implementation plans to ensure the relevant goals and objectives are achieved in the proposed frameworks.

The implementation plans will expand on the programs and policies described in the Long-Term Energy Plan and outline any resources required.

Ontario’s Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP)


One of the ways the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) helps meet the province’s energy needs is through securing new supply. This means procuring renewable and clean energy from various generation technologies and capacities.

Procurement projects engage a wide range of people from around the province – from large grid-scale generators and distribution-connected producers to communities, small businesses and individuals developing small-scale projects.

Hydroelectricity Standard Offer Program (HESOP 2014)

Hydroelectric Contract Initiative 

Large Renewable Procurement (2016)