OWA Class Environmental Assessment

Class EA for Waterpower Projects (Ninth Edition) May 2022

The Class Environmental Assessment for Waterpower Projects (Class EA) was approved in October 2008 as a planning process that allows proponents to assess the potential effects on the environment using the best available information in order to make an informed decision about how or whether a project should proceed. The Class EA applies to all waterpower projects to which Ontario Regulation 116/01 – Electricity Projects (2001) under the EA Act currently or as amended applies. The Class EA was amended May, 2022.

Environmental Assessment Government Review Team Master Distribution List

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In February 2022 an amendment was made to the Ontario Waterpower Association Class Environmental Assessment to align assessment requirements with environmental impact, reduce duplication and streamline the process, while maintaining strong environmental oversight and protection.

Read the updated class environmental assessment documentation for details on additional clarification amendments made recently.


Class EA Roles Fact Sheet

The purpose of the Class EA Roles Fact Sheet is to outline the different roles and responsibilities of the Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA), Ministry of the Environment Conservation and Parks) and Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry during the Class Environmental Assessment for Waterpower Projects.


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