OWA Recognizes Leadership Within the Waterpower Industry

On May 26th, at the 20th annual Power of Water Canada Conference, the Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA) hosted its annual awards ceremony. This event recognizes outstanding leaders from within the waterpower industry for their significant contributions to the sector. The following were the award recipients for 2021.

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The Innovation Award recognizes those organizations that have shown leadership in innovation through the development of important advancements which will result in benefits to the waterpower industry. This year’s award was presented to Hatch for their development of the Ratchet Gate technology. Accepting the award on behalf of Hatch was Jerry Westermann, Water Power Hydro Mechanical Consultant.

Stewardship Award

The Stewardship Award is an integral part of the OWA’s commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable development. The award recognizes those organizations that have demonstrated leadership in the waterpower industry. This year’s award recipient was Swift River Energy, recognizing their leadership and collaboration in developing the Bala Falls GS. Accepting on behalf of  Swift River Energy was Anthony Zwig, CEO and President, Horizon Legacy.


R.R. Dodokin Award

The final presentation was for the R.R. Dodokin award which recognizes the outstanding contribution of an individual to the advancement of waterpower in Ontario. This year’s award recipient was Marc Mantha, Vice President, Operations, H2O Power LP.

Marc has over 34 years of experience in the waterpower industry. He was a founding member of the OWA and has held various positions on the OWA Board. Marc has also served on many technical advisory panels and committees, dedicating his time and expertise to the advocacy efforts of the Association. Most recently, Marc has also been actively involved in the development of the University of Toronto Hydro Masters program.

The OWA congratulates all award winners on their accomplishments and well-deserved recognition.