OWA Industry Promotion

OWA educates the public and supports member community engagement efforts through education, publications, social media, municipal relationships and public events.

Engaging with Communities: OWA supports our members’ community engagement efforts through face to face and virtual tours of waterpower facilities, education for kids with OWA’s infamous hydropower renewable energy display and through the development of resources like the Community Engagement Toolkit for Waterpower Developers and community guides for waterpower champions. OWA engages municipal councils and creates community partnerships through the growth of the waterpower champion’s campaign.

Celebrate Waterpower: OWA promotes public awareness through strengthening public acceptance and support for waterpower across the province. One of our major initiatives is our annual Waterpower Day celebrated on June 20th to commemorate Sir Adam Beck’s birthday. Waterpower Day provides members the opportunity to celebrate and share successes through online communication resources provided by the OWA.

Showcasing Industry Success: OWA promotes industry awareness by showcasing industry’s successes and achievements through publications and social media strategies. Members get exclusive business and marketing opportunities through recognition as an official OWA Member and access to OWA resources. Members have first opportunity to secure prime advertising spaces in OWA publications, such as the annual Year in Review, which summarizes all OWA initiatives and celebrates the success of our members and the industry.