Since 2001, the Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA) has been representing the common and collective interest of the waterpower industry. To date, our membership has grown to 140 member companies and includes waterpower generators, the product and service providers who support them, communities and individuals. The OWA has built a strong and respected reputation with all levels of government, and across all political parties.

By joining the OWA you will be part of the trusted voice for the waterpower industry and will share in our goals to sustain and enhance Ontario’s existing waterpower assets and provide new opportunities for waterpower expansion in Ontario.

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To join our growing association, a business, community, or other organization must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Be the owner of a waterpower facility in Ontario
  • Be directly or indirectly involved in a business related to the Ontario waterpower industry
  • Support waterpower as an affordable, reliable renewable and sustainable energy source

Membership Categories

Membership to the OWA is by the member company, not by the individual. Under the umbrella of the member company, membership also includes all company employees.

Our membership is structured in eight categories; (a) Generator, (b) Developer, (c) Product Supplier (d) Service Supplier, (e) Non-generator dam owner (f) Community; g) Seniors and Students; and h) Other organizations and individuals.

OWA has the most comprehensive listings of generators, developers, professionals and supply chain partners working in the waterpower industry in Ontario. Check out our current Members Here…

To arrange to have your company listed, please contacts us directly to discuss membership options