FONOM Joins Ontario Communities Proclaiming Waterpower Day





Value of Waterpower Recognized in Northern Ontario

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(July 29, 2019 – Sudbury, Ontario) The Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA) and the Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities (FONOM) are pleased to announce the support of northern municipalities in celebrating “Waterpower Day” in Ontario. The inaugural event was held on June 20th – the birthdate of Sir Adam Beck at the historic waterpower complex that bears his name.

“FONOM is pleased to recognize June 20th as Ontario’s annual Waterpower Day,” said Danny Whalen, the Federations’ President and Councillor to the City of Temiskaming Shores. “Waterpower has supported Northern Ontario communities and industries for over 100 years.”

There are more than 80 facilities in northern Ontario with a collective capacity of 3800MW. For decades manufacturing, mining, and forestry companies have located where they find a stable supply of reliable, affordable waterpower.

“The North can build on the strength of its existing waterpower assets and expand to provide opportunities and benefits to municipalities and Indigenous Communities,” said Paul Norris, President of OWA. “I am extremely pleased to welcome FONOM as a waterpower champion in the celebration of an industry that has played a critical role in Northern Ontario’s economic development.”

FONOM is an association of 110 districts/municipalities/cities/towns in Northeastern Ontario mandated to work for the betterment of municipal government in Northern Ontario and to strive for improved legislation respecting local government in the north. It is a membership-based association that draws its members from northeastern Ontario and is governed by an 11 member board.

Waterpower is the original community power – embedded in dozens of villages, towns and cities across Ontario. Learn more about Waterpower Day and becoming a Waterpower Champion.


There are 224 waterpower facilities across the province responsible for one quarter of Ontario’s electricity supply – almost 40 of these facilities have been in production for over a century providing some of the lowest cost energy in the province. A recent opinion poll indicated over 90% public support for waterpower across Ontario.

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