Public Safety

Public Safety around Dams

In Ontario there are more than 220 waterpower (hydroelectric) facilities in operation and more than 500 dams associated with these facilities. Additionally, there are more than 3000 other dams in the province which are used for flood control, irrigation and navigation. These dams are owned by municipalities, Conservation Authorities, private landowners, other industries and the provincial or federal government.

Being cautious around dams and hydro facilities is extremely important! Here are some Rules to Remember:

  • Obey and stay well away from all warning signs, fences, buoys, booms and barriers.
  • Never swim above a dam or dive from a dam structure
  • Keep back from the edge of waters or ice above and below dams
  • Never fish or boat below a dam
  • Never stand below a dam, or anchor your boat near a dam
  • Never sunbathe, picnic or camp in an area which may become flooded due to dam operations.

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