On the evening of October 29th at its annual Power Water Canada Conference the Ontario Waterpower Association will present its annual awards in the following categories. The deadline for nominations for all awards is September 30, 2018.

R.R. Dodokin Award

Since 2005, the Ontario Waterpower Association has annually recognized the outstanding contribution of an individual to the advancement of waterpower in Ontario. The recognition takes place at the OWA’s Power of Conference with an award named after the late Ronald R. Dodokin. Mr. Ronald R. Dodokin was a driving force in Ontario’s waterpower industry in 1980s and 1990s, defining the entrepreneurial spirit, commitment and passion that typifies waterpower proponents. He led the creation of the former “Waterpower Association of Ontario”, an organization that shared many of the same objectives and aspirations of the OWA. Mr. Dodokin’s family has graciously agreed to the use of his name for this award.

Dodokin Award Nomination 2018

Stewardship Award

The Ontario Waterpower Association’s Stewardship Award is an integral part of the Association’s commitment to environmental responsible and sustainable development. The award is given out annually to recognize those organizations that have demonstrated leadership in the waterpower industry in any of the following areas:

  • sustainable waterpower development;
  • preservation of the environment through various environmental initiatives;
  • corporate citizenship and creating positive dialogue with local communities;
  • safeguard of the public health and safety; or
  • has made significant contributions to build capacity among First Nations communities through co-development.

Stewardship Award Nomination 2018

Innovation Award

The Ontario Waterpower Association’s Innovation Award recognizes those organizations that have shown leadership in innovation through the development of important advancements which will result in benefits to the waterpower industry. Innovations may be technical, operational, or affect any aspect of developing and operating waterpower facilities. The award will be presented to an organization who:

  • has identified, developed and successfully implemented an innovation which represents a valuable advancement in the development, operation or refurbishment of waterpower facilities; and
  • can demonstrate how the innovation will benefit the proponent and strengthen the waterpower industry in Ontario if adopted by others.

 Innovation Award Nomination 2018