2022 Waterpower Day Toolkit


Welcome to the Waterpower Day Toolkit! The Ontario Waterpower Association has curated content for you to share on social media to help us support Made in Ontario Waterpower on June 20th.



Post our ready-to-use social media messages and images, change your Teams/Zoom background, share the Waterpower Day video.

Social Media Messaging

  • Happy Waterpower Day! Today we celebrate the province’s most affordable, reliable and sustainable #electricity asset — #waterpower! https://bit.ly/3FYkcMq
  • Providing ~23% of Ontario’s #energy supply, #waterpower is a key #renewable energy asset for the province. Waterpower has an important role in the fight against climate change. Celebrate #WaterpowerDay, June 20! Learn more: https://bit.ly/3FYkcMq
  • In countless towns and cities across the province, the very identity of the community is inextricably linked with the generation of electricity from falling water. Celebrate the history of #waterpower on #WaterpowerDay, June 20th https://bit.ly/3FYkcMq
  • #Waterpower was responsible for the #electrification of #Ontario and is the energy engine that built the province’s original economic prosperity. Celebrate #WaterpowerDay on June 20th: https://bit.ly/3FYkcMq
  • New hydroelectric generation can help address the growing long-term electricity needs in Ontario and partnerships with Northern and Indigenous communities is critical in advancing hydropower in the province. #WaterpowerDay. https://bit.ly/3FYkcMq

Social Media Images




Teams/Zoom Background

Update your Teams or Zoom Backgrounnd to show your support for Waterpower Day.






Learn how to change your Teams background here.

When you upload the background, the text will appear flipped, but others in your meeting will see it correctly.

About Waterpower Day

Waterpower Day is on June 20. It is an annual celebration of the history of waterpower in Ontario and the important role it plays in maintaining an affordable and reliable electricity grid in the province. There are more than 224 waterpower facilitites across Ontario and many have been in operation for over a century.


“Celebrate Waterpower Day” Video:
Link to Download the Video: http://ow.ly/8iNv50F8edn
Youtube Link: http://ow.ly/wLTT50F7qLp

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