Pushing Boundaries with Rotobec’s Most Versatile, Non-diesel Powered Stationary Mount Loader

Ty Surowski, Regional Sales Manager at Rotobec provides a brief introduction and history of Rotobec and the products that they manufacture –in particular Rotobec’s electric knuckleboom loaders.

The Rotobec Stationary Mount Loader truly pushes the boundaries of what was once thought possible of a knuckle boom loader. In addition to Rotobec’s tough handling pedigree that comes standard in all of their loaders, they have engineered the loaders to be adaptable to every conceivable application and environment. The list of available options is incredibly extensive, making it without a doubt the most versatile loader of its kind. This highly efficient powerhouse offers a modern alternative to traditional diesel-powered loaders that will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and save you thousands in annual operating costs.

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