Application of Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring for Dams and Hydropower Structures

Civil engineering works, such as dams, powerhouses, water gallery systems, geotechnical structures adjacent to the reservoir (anchoring, rockslides, landslides), tunnels and underground structures, highways, bridges, and general civil works, constitute the critical elements of a hydropower plant, which have to be carefully monitored during construction and operation for the mitigation of structural failures and geohazards, and optimization of operation of the asset. High-precision, reliable physical measurement systems, based on advanced technologies and optimally tailored to the specific application and environmental requirements are essential for safety-related monitoring and inspection of civil engineering works. Application of geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring equipment for dams and hydropower structures, measurement techniques, physical measurement systems, and application cases (case studies) will be discussed in this webinar.


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