Power of Water Conference 2016

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Site Size Calculator

Estimating Waterpower Potential

If you have found a site that you think you might want to build a waterpower plant on, the first step is to determine the site's potential. This tool alows you to do rough estimates of the potential of your site. For more accurate solutions and Pre-feasiblity software visit RETScreen.

H = Head equals the distance the water will fall (i.e. difference in elevation from headpond to tailrace)

Q = Flow from the river diverted through the plant

P = Maximum power that can be generated or the "Capacity of the Plant in kW (kilowatts)"

g = Force of gravity = 9.8m/s

e = Constant based on efficiency of unit


P = H × Q × g × e
Head (H) metres
Flow (Q) m3/s
Efficiencey (e) %
Max. Power (P)
Annual Generation*

*(Annual generation is based on a 65% plant capacity factor and 85% effeceincy rating.)

**(Note: this is form is for demonstrational purposes only. Pre-feasiblity software is available through RETScreen.)