Power of Water Conference 2016

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Past OWA Events

Best Management Practices for 
Small Hydropower and Methyl Mercury
June 23, 2015

Discussions between members of the waterpower industry, the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) and professionals with expertise on the linkages between small hydropower development and methyl mercury have identified a gap between the desire to predict potential temporary increases of methyl mercury in large piscivorous fish from hydropower development, the quality of existing data to support predictive models and the subsequent ability of the current models to produce a prediction that is sufficiently reliable and accurate to inform management decisions. 

Validating data and modelling accuracy may improve as mercury concentrations in water and fish tissue are collected before and after development of new small-scale hydropower facilities, and the confidence in predictive model outcomes should also increase and allow for well-informed management decisions on subsequent projects. Without a framework to manage the uncertainty associated with current predictive models, projects will continue to face delays and science may not advance. 

The Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA) in consultation with the MOECC have prepared this Best Management Practice (BMP) to provide a framework for managing the uncertainties related to methyl mercury prediction and to improve confidence in predictive modelling for future projects. The OWA will be hosted a one day workshop on June 23, 2015 in Toronto. This workshop focused on the following key areas of the BMP.

Workshop Key Areas of Focus

BMP for Water Quality Monitoring and Fish Tissue Sampling 
Predictive Modeling
Mitigative Factors and Actions
Communications and Risk Management Strategies 

To order a copy of the BMP for Small Hydro and Methyl Mercury please contact Stephanie Landers slanders@owa.ca


Investment Strategies for First Nation Communities 

November 19, 2014

Thank you to everyone who attended the Investment Strategies for First Nation Communities workshop held on November 19th at Torys LLP in Toronto.  The workshop was a huge success thanks to the our knowledgeable presenters and engaged audience. Please click on the link below to access the master presentation from the workshop.

Download Workshop Presentation (PDF)

Additionally, below please find contact information for each of our speakers.

Presenters and Panellists:

Paul Norris, President, Ontario Waterpower Association, pnorris@owa.ca

Kathleen Padulo, Environmental Coordinator, Chiefs of Ontario, Kathleen.Padulo@coo.org
Stephen Lindley, Vice President Aboriginal Affiars, SNC Lavalin, Stephen.Lindley@snclavalin.com
Valerie Helbronner, Partner, Torys LLP, vhelbronner@torys.com
Bill Touzel, Senior Advisor and Strategic Development, Blumetric, btouzel@blumetric.ca
Sheri Bizarro, Program Manager, Funds, Ontario Power Authority, Sheri.Bizarro@powerauthority.on.ca orBarbara.Ellard@powerauthority.on.ca
Sandy Roberts, Director, Strategic Project Finance Branch, Ontario Finance Authority, Ministry of Finance, Sandy.Roberts@ofina.on.ca
Clint Davis, Vice President Aboriginal Affairs, TD Bank Financial Group, Clint.Davis@td.com
David Eva, Vice President, Capstone Power Development, deva@capstoneinfra.com
Wayne Ross, President, Coral Rapids Power, wross@coralrapidspower.com
Norman Jaehrling, Chief Executive Officer, Pic Mobert First Nation, jaehrlingssm@gmail.com
Jean Paul (JP) Gladu, President and Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, jpgladu@ccab.com

December 11, 2013

Thank you to everyone who attended the Modernization of Approvals workshop held on December 11th at Torys LPP. The session was very informatiive and provided greater insight into the new direction that government is taking and the roles of both government and industry.

The complete presentation has now available, click here to access the presentation.

Should you have any questions about this or other OWA events please contact, Janelle Bates, jbates@owa.ca 705-743-1500 ext. 23



Understanding Impact Benefit Agreements and Industry and First Nation Relationships
July 29th and 30th 
Scotia Plaza, 40 King St. West 44th Floor, Toronto, ON
Presented by:


This two day training session was yet another successful event. Thank you to all who attended and participated. Presentations can be accessed by clicking on name of the presenter in the links below.