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For signs not listed in the catalogue, please contact Marie Lummiss at mboyd@owa.ca or (705) 743-1500 to place a custom order.

Click here for assistance in determining the correct sign size to location (PDF)
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Step 1: Choose your sign language and type and click 'Next'

Sign Language:

Note: To order the same custom sign in the other language, click the "Add this sign in the other language" button when when adding the sign to your shopping cart.

Sign Type

Other signs:

Danger and Warning Replacement Add-on Signs

Step 2: Choose your sign (and type if required) and click 'Next'

Sign Subject Matter




Enter your Facility Information and click 'Next'

This information is required for certain types of sign. For more information, see this page.

This information is stored for this session so you won't have to enter it more than once.

If required, choose your informational sign and click 'Next'

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Informational sign text (specify quantity):

To order additional informational signs, after adding this sign to your cart, click the "Continue Shopping" button and select the "Informational Signs" sign type in Step 1.

If required, choose two (2) pictographs for your pictograph panel and click 'Next'

If not required, click 'Next'



Choose sign size (default: 4' tall x 6' wide)

For custom sizes, the signs will be priced at $20.00 per square foot, regardless of quantity ordered.



Preview your sign and Add to Cart



Note: The final proof from the supplier will be an accurate preview containing your logo and/or contact details.

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Delivery is not included. Please contact Jennifer Gibbs (705) 743-1500 for an estimated delivery date and cost.