Power of Water Conference 2015

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OWA News Releases


Feb. 25 OWA Advances Data and Information Sharing for Waterpower Projects (PDF)

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OWA in the News

Hydro Ottawa wins the prestigious Silver Leaf Awards for outstanding work in communication management and skills (PDF) 
Orillia Power's Paul Young Receives the Prestigious Ronald R. Dodikan Award for Contribution to Waterpower in Ontario (Link)
Best Management Practices for Waterpower Projects Environmental Science and Engineering Magazine (PDF)
Powering our Future with northern Ontario's Waterways (Link) 
Aboriginal Project Ownership on the Kapuskasing River (Link) 
Water Resource with Power - Thunder Bay Chronicle (PDF)
Ministry of Energy Announces Grant to OWA to Research Waterpower Potential in Ontario and 90MW Procurement this Fall
Article from 2003 Blackout - 10 Year Anniversary - Where were you when the lights went out? (PDF)
Water and Waterpower Taken for Granted - OWA Publication in July/August Edition of Water Canada Magazine (PDF)
The Chronicle Journal (Thunder Bay) The Newspaper of the Northwest- Waterpower on the Rise 
Your Ottawa Region - Build it and the Power will come - Official Launch of $20M Project 
Bracebridge Examiner - Veil comes off  $21-million water generation upgrades 
Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal - Power Partnership Held up as Business Model (PDF)
OWA Publication on Waterpower - Mediaplanet / Toronto Star (PDF)
Northwest Kick Start plan featured at the Ontario Waterpower Conference in Niagara-on-the Lake 
Media Planet - Blue Economy - CHA Jacob Irving (PDF)

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