Power of Water Conference 2016

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OWA News 


October 24 Largest Hydroelectric Conference in Canada Recognizes Leadership in the Waterpower Industry (PDF)
Oct. 18 Waterpower Confirmed as key to Ontario's Climate Change Strategy (PDF)
Oct. 11 OWA Releases Community Engagement Toolkit - Power of Water Canada Conference to feature Community Engagement (PDF)
Sept. 27 Province Suspends Large Renewables Procurement  - Waterpower expected to continue to be integral to meeting Ontario's Long Term Energy Needs (PDF)
Sept. 6 Ontario’s Doors Open Event to Once Again Feature Historic Waterpower Facility - Elliott Falls GS Open to the Public for Doors Open Ontario(PDF)
July 27 Another Successful First Nation Partnership in Waterpower - OWA celebrates official Grand Opening of the Gitchi Animki Hydroelectric Project (PDF)
July 6 OWA Releases Community Guide to Small Waterpower Development (PDF) 
Apr. 22 Toronto Star/Mediaplanet Hydropower - Canada's Climate Change Advantage (Link)
Apr. 5 Ontario Waterpower Expansion to Continue - Additional procurement required to meet 9,300 MW target (PDF)
Mar 29 Waterpower recognized in all party event - OWA hosts another successful Queen’s Park Day (PDF)
Mar 10 Waterpower Expansion at Existing Infrastructure Continues - Transmission Capacity Clarity Key to Sustained Growth (PDF)

Waterpower Expansion at Existing Infrastructure Continues
Transmission Capacity Clarity Key to Sustained Growth

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Member News

Sept 15 Bracebridge Generation Purchases Three Waterpower Generation Companies (PDF)
May 10 Kleinschmidt's Fish Lift System for Lake Sturgeon Wins ACEC Honor Award (Link)
May 5 Dokis First Nation and Hydromega Okikendawt Project Completed (Link/Video)
April Parks Canada and Timber Run Hydropower begin work on Norland Dam Hydro Project (Link)
April 5 $17.5M Cascade Generation Station Upgrade Begins (PDF)
April Canadian Geographic Magazine Greenbug Energy: Creating renewable energy from old technology 
Mar 11 New power stations coming to TSW at Lock 24 and Lock 31 (Link)
Feb 16 More Green Power to Peterborough coming this summer (Link)
Jan/Feb 2016 Water Canada MagazineWater Power - A new spin on and old concept expanding hydro-electricity in Ontario (PDF)

OWA in the News

Peterborough Children's Water Festival Enters 15th Year (Link)
Hydro Ottawa wins the prestigious Silver Leaf Awards for outstanding work in communication management and skills (PDF) 
Orillia Power's Paul Young Receives the Prestigious Ronald R. Dodikan Award for Contribution to Waterpower in Ontario (Link)
Best Management Practices for Waterpower Projects Environmental Science and Engineering Magazine (PDF)
Powering our Future with northern Ontario's Waterways (Link) 
Aboriginal Project Ownership on the Kapuskasing River (Link) 

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