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The voice of waterpower in Ontario

Ontario's waterpower resources comprise 25% of the provinces energy production, a natural resource and economic asset that requires careful development and management. Through the Ontario Waterpower Association the contribution of waterpower will be recognized and its future potential realized. Be part of the collective voice supporting the clean, renewable energy that is waterpower.


Founding membership represents 95% of the waterpower generating capacity in Ontario. To join our growing association, a corporation or association must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Be the owner of a waterpower facility in Ontario
  • Be involved in a business related to the Ontario waterpower industry
  • Support waterpower as a renewable and sustainable energy source

 OWA Membership Benefits

  • Opportunities to provide advice and comment in key policy and development initiatives;
  • Opportunities to participate on OWA committees and task teams;
  • Access to the restricted "Members Only" and "Member's Forum" section of the OWA website that includes policy input, correspondence, communication products and various reports produced by the OWA;
  • Listing in the OWA membership directory (online and in print);
  • Networking opportunities, meetings and referrals;
  • Discounts to OWA workshops and the annual Power of Water Conference;
  • Voting opportunity at the OWA Annual General Meeting;
  • Sponsorship and discounted exhibit opportunities and the Power of Water Conference;
  • Subscription to the quarterly OWA newsletter Renew;
  • Unlimited postings to the OWA's online employment opportunities;
  • Industry networking, data research and information sharing through the OWA website and MNR-wide data exchange;
  • Online and print advertising opportunities
  • Social media promotion and networking

 Our Current Advocacy Priorities

The Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA) exists to represent the common and collective interests of the waterpower industry, and as such is actively involved in the following advocacy priorities:

Priority policy initiatives include:

  • Expand the market opportunity for waterpower in Ontario by 3,000 MW by 2017
  • Facilitate growth in Aboriginal participation in waterpower projects by 100% by 2015
  • Decrease the pre-construction time and costs for waterpower projects by 20% by 2014
  • Achieve a 90% level of public acceptance of/support for waterpower by 2015
  • Sustain organizational financial health through 2017
  • Increase Aboriginal “Generator/Developer” membership in the OWA to 50% by 2014 and 90% by 2016
  • Achieve 95% member satisfaction

The OWA provides a central forum where our members can express their concerns and provide meaningful input into the direction that the association should take regarding key issues facing the industry. As the "voice" for the industry, the OWA encourages the direct involvement of our members by inviting their participation on various internal Task Teams. These Task Teams are yet another way our members can actively participate by providing direct input and advice.

 Our Achievements

The Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA) has contributed to the advancement and improvement of a number of key policies, procedures, economic and environmental issues. Below are just a few of our many recent accomplishments:

  • Class EA for Waterpower Projects
  • Best Management Guides for Lake Sturgeon and the American Eel
  • Endangered Species Framework Agreements
  • Hydroelectric Contract Initiative
  • Community Guide to Waterpower Development
  • Building Capacity Together - An Introduction to Waterpower (self-directed learning DVD set)
  • Aboriginal Community Guide for Waterpower Development in Ontario
  • Power of Water vignette DVD series
  • A Citizen's Guide to EA

 External Stakeholder Collaboration

The Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA) is directly involved in many Committees and groups that are actively involved in several issues that will have a direct impact on the waterpower industry. Below is a short list of the many Committees and groups that the Association currently participates in:

  • Species at Risk Program Advisory Committee (SARPAC)
  • Far North Advisory Committee
  • Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act (LRIA) Advisory Committee
  • FIT Advisory Panel
  • EA Proponents Group (EAPG)
  • Waterpower Working Group (WPWG)

OWA Competition Policy

Since 2001 the Ontario Waterpower Association has been representing the common and collective interests of the waterpower industry. To date our membership has grown to over 150 organizations. Our membership includes generators, engineering firms, environmental consultants, legal, project financing and insurance firms, Aboriginal communities and other organizations, all sharing the common interest of advancing waterpower in Ontario. Our members look to us to provide an effective forum for coordinating, promoting and identifying the common interests of the waterpower industry in Ontario. The OWA membership is comprised of generators, environmental, engineering, consulting, and legal firms, equipment suppliers, construction companies, individuals and Aboriginal communities. To date we represent more than 150 organizations.   The cornerstone of the OWA’s success had been the breadth and expertise of it membership and as such, the Ontario Waterpower Association is committed to ensuring that all activities of the Association ensure compliance with its competition policy.

The Ontario Waterpower Association’s Competition Policy states:

“The Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA) will not promote nor engage in any activity or make rule, decision, agreement or recommendation, or permit the exchange of information that could prevent, restrict or distort fair competition of its member companies in any way.”  

Members attending any of OWA meetings, working groups, presentations, seminars or other events should be aware that they may be marketplace competitors and that any action or agreement which may potentially prevent, restrict or distort competition, such as exchanging information on issues such as pricing or terms of business, or setting standards that exclude competitors, may be in breach of the Ontario Waterpower Association’s Competition Law Policy. Members and participants must individually exercise caution during such meetings to prevent a potential violation of the Competition Policy. Competition compliance is the responsibility of all members of the OWA, any member in doubt of their compliance with the completion policy should seek advice from the OWA.

Membership Fees



Annual Fee


Less than 1 MW



More than 1 MW

$300 per MW





In development

$75 per MW




Product and Service Suppliers

>4 M in annual business in Ontario



>3M in annual business in Ontario



>2M in annual business in Ontario



>1M in annual business in Ontario



> 500K in annually business in Ontario



<500K in annually business in Ontario



<250K in annually business in Ontario


Other organizations



Community Power/ First Nations



Seniors and Students



How to Join

Download New Member Application (see instructions below) or Click here to complete our online application form

Print the pdf, and mail your completed application with cheque (including H.S.T.) to:

Marie Lummiss, Executive Assistant
Ontario Waterpower Association
380 Armour Road, Suite 264
Peterborough, Ontario, K9H 7L7

Email: mboyd@owa.ca
Tel: 1-866-743-1500 ext 21  Fax: 705-743-1570