Power of Water Conference 2014

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Policy Initiatives

The association is actively engaged in helping to inform public policy in these and other areas

Lake And Rivers Improvement Act

Technical Bulletins:

Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act Administrative Guide (PDF, 131 Kb)


Ontario's Long-Term Energy Plan

Ministry of Energy's Long-Term Energy Plan (PDF)
Supply Mix Directive (PDF)
Transmission Directive (PDF)
OEB Directive (PDF)


Endangered Species Act Implementation

MNR Phase One Site Release Review

Ontario Power Authority – Feed-in Tariff Program


Ontario's Green Energy and Green Economy Act

Hydroelectric Contract Initiative


Taxation and Resource Valuation

Establishing a "level playing field" for the assessment of waterpower facilities and resources to facilitate fairness in the competitive electricity market.

Environmental Assessment

Harmonizing requirements between local, provincial and federal government agencies.

Resource Allocation and Sustainable Development

Ensuring that Ontario's waterpower resources continue to contribute to the prosperity and quality of life of present and future generations.