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Since 2001 the Ontario Waterpower Association has been representing the common and collective interests of the waterpower industry. To date our membership has grown to over 150 organizations. Our membership includes generators, engineering firms, environmental consultants, legal, project financing and insurance firms, Aboriginal communities and other organizations, all sharing the common interest of advancing waterpower in Ontario.

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Waterpower Confirmed as key to Ontario's Climate Change Strategy (PDF)


OWA Releases Community Engagement Toolkit - Power of Water Canada Conference to feature Community Engagement 

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Power of Water Canada Conference and Tradeshow
2016 October 17-19, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
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Modernization of Approvals – LRIA Workshop

Discussions between members of the waterpower industry, the Ministry of the Environment and Climate
Change (MOECC) and professionals with expertise on the linkages between small hydropower
development and methyl mercury have identified a gap between the desire to predict potential temporary
increases of methyl mercury in large piscivorous fish from hydropower development, the quality of
existing data to support predictive models and the subsequent ability of the current models to produce a
prediction that is sufficiently reliable and accurate to inform management decisions.
Validating data and modelling accuracy may improve as mercury concentrations in water and fish tissue
are collected before and after development of new small-scale hydropower facilities, and the confidence
in predictive model outcomes should also increase and allow for well-informed management decisions on
subsequent projects. In the interim however, hydropower developments are being delayed yet the
science needed to address the uncertainties is not advancing, because there is no framework to manage
the uncertainty associated with current predictive models.
The Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA) and MOECC have identified this Best Management Practice
(BMP) as the preferred option to provide a framework for managing the uncertainties related to methyl
mercury prediction and to improve confidence in predictive modelling for future projects

On September 13th the Ontario Waterpower Associationwill be hosting a workshop focused on the ongoing modernization of approvals under the Lakes and Rivers
Improvement Act (LRIA).  Register Now!



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